Nice view of the house accompanied by a rainbow from a higher point of view.

Christmas trees light the house Nune Ville. Another dramatic event took place over here.
Vincent and Margot fell in love with each other. But their families were completely against the relationship. The already nervous Margot became so distressed that she took a dose of poison. Vincent took her to a doctor. While recovering in Utrecht from this suicide attempt he seriously considered marrying her. No marriage ever happened. The historical house is open for privat tours nowadays #VanGoghMonument VisitBrabant


Van Gogh on the Road, episode 2 in Nuenen!


Of course, also Nune Ville is visited in the Van Gogh Roadtrip, here to be seen in the teaser of this series. To be continued…


Great reviews coming in!

Traveling with a group from Grand Circle Travel, this was one of the stops on our itinerary. We received a personal, guided walking tour of the area which included seeing the house where Vincent Van Gogh’s father lived (Vincent lived there briefly, as he had a poor relationship with his family); the church where his father was the Vicar and the house where Vincent’s lover had lived. We were unable to go in his father’s house or the church, but we received a special tour of the Margot Begemann house, where one of Vincent’s love interests had lived. The current owner has totally renovated the entire house to period, complete with artwork that, though not Van Gogh’s, were painted by friends of his and mentioned in his many letters. That was my favorite part of the tour. That home is not generally opened to public but our group had special permission. The Vincenter was also very nice, with a audio-visual presentation of Van Gogh’s life, souvenirs and even a counter to purchase cold drinks and coffee. I highly recommend a visit to the village of Nuenen if you are going to the Netherlands. Our tour was topped off by a stop at “The Olde Waterwheel” Restaurant where we were treated to authentic Dutch Apple Pie and coffee. Yum!!


Dutch blogger on the move in Nuenen!


Together with the guides, we literally followed the footsteps and heard all the stories, read his letters and visited the Vincentre. We also visited Nune Ville, which you can see on this picture above and it was really impressive.


The past few weeks 433 American tourists have visited Salon Nune Ville, as part of their 10-day cruise through The Netherlands and Belgium. They indicated the Salon as a highlight of their tour, for they were intrigued with the house and its stories. It was great to have them over!


Spring at its best at Salon Nune Ville! The tulips are flourishing!

RABO grants Mortgage in one week (Duch article read more)

Korean monk visits NuneVille

Saturday the 8th of July the descendants of de oldest brother of Margot Begemann, Simon, visited Salon Nune Ville.

Letters from Vincent about Margot

456 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, on or about Tuesday, 16 September 1884.
457 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, on or about Tuesday, 16 September 1884.
458 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, on or about Sunday, 21 September 1884.
459 To Anthon van Rappard. Nuenen, Sunday, 21 September 1884.
461 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, between about Monday, 22 and about Sunday, 28 September 1884.
462 To Anthon van Rappard. Nuenen, between about Wednesday, 24 and about Monday, 29 September 1884.
463 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, Tuesday, 30 September 1884.
464 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, Thursday, 2 October 1884.
465 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, Thursday, 9 October 1884.
466 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, Wednesday, 22 October 1884.
469 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, on or about Friday, 14 November 1884.
473 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, on or about Saturday, 6 December 1884.
474 To Theo van Gogh. Nuenen, on or about Wednesday, 10 December 1884.
574 To Willemien van Gogh. Paris, late October 1887.
800 To Theo van Gogh. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Thursday, 5 and Friday, 6 September 1889.
812 To Willemien van Gogh. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, on or about Monday, 21 October 1889.