Margot Begemann

Nune Ville and Margot Begemann

Margaretha (Margot) Begemann (* Nuenen 17-03-1841 – † The Hague 11-02-1907) is one of five daughters of Rev. Willem Lodewijk Begemann, a predecessor of Rev. Theodorus van Gogh in the period 1828-1874 . Margot is the 9th in a row of 11 children. During the period in which Vincent lives in Nuenen, the family Begemann lives in Nune Ville (built in 1874 on behalf of W.L. Begemann), the neighboring house of the Van Gogh family parsonage. There was a good relationship between both families. The knitting circle mother Van Gogh, Margot Begemann and some Protestant neighbours will regularly gather in both houses.

Margot Begemann

The house Nune Ville

After the death of W.L Begemann in 1876 and his wife Amalia Schröter in 1877 Margot remains living with Nune Ville with three unmarried sisters: Lutgera, Wilhelmina and Amalia (Sien). Margot dies on 11-02-1907 in The Hague.

Her sister Wilhelmina Begemann dies in 1922 and then enjoys the premises at the Reformed Gemeente Nuenen. Because Nune Ville is in good condition and is considered representative of the house than the neighboring parsonage from 1764, the villa is dedicated to a preacher’s house in the period 1923 – 1954. The Van Gogh family buys and restores the house in 1954 from the Protestant Town, which The proceeds of the sale can also be used for the restoration of the parsonage at Berg 26. From then on, the Kloppers family lives in Nune Ville. In 2010, the last private resident left the property and the Van Gogh Foundation sells the house to the housing association Helpt Elkander in Nuenen. By 2015, Nune Ville, in the context of Van Goghjaar, has a cultural-artistic destination in the spirit of Vincent van Gogh under the name “The Vincent Affair”

Love relationship Vincent and Margot Begemann

Vincent and the (12 year older) neighbour Margot became very attached to each other. Vincent and Margot nursed Vincent’s mother in the parsonage after breaking her right thigh bone on 17 January 1884 when she left the Helmond train. Thus they learned to know each other better; They often also gathered the fields in which Vincent painted …..

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