Salon Nune Ville is open!  You are most welcome to visit!  Minimum of 4 persons , maximum of 8 persons  and you need to reserve on beforehand by emailing to 

Did you know you now can reserve exclusive package deals and guided tours both inside the house and through Nuenen? For more information, visit

For reservations and questions you can mail to:

Tours on a Saturday can be reserved for the following times:
1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. or 4 p.m.
NB a maximum of 8 people per tour.

The first saturday of the month you can visit also the atelier of Vincent van Gogh, reservate with mail to 

There is a clock outside and if a certain hour is fully booked, it will be stated there.

For  Fridays you can reserve on availability.
If you are more than 8 people, you can divide your group into smaller groups of 8 people each. For example you are with 20 people. That is possible, but then in 2 groups of 10 people for 45 minutes later. This in consultation with you.

Duration of tours: around 45 minutes. You can see the salon, the front and back room, the corridor, kitchen, dining room and the attic with the service rooms and the garden with interest.

You will receive a message as soon as possible if a visit is possible at the time and day you requested.

Thank you for your interest.

e-mail address:

Salon Nune Ville
Berg 24, 5671 CC Nuenen
KvK nr.: 17280051
BTW nr.: NL1428.75.685.B01